Faith and love which are gifts of the Holy Spirit are such great and powerful means that a person who has them can easily, and with joy and consolation, go the way Jesus Christ went. Besides this, the Holy Spirit gives man the power to resist the delusions of the world so that although he makes use of earthly good, yet he uses them as a temporary visitor, without attaching his heart to them. But a man who has not got the Holy Spirit, despite all his learning and prudence, is always more or less a slave and worshipper of the world.

St. Innocent of Alaska

The community of St. George began celebrating the Divine Liturgy in 1892, incorporated under St. Raphael of Brooklyn in 1905, and its first altar was consecrated by him in 1911. In 2006, the parish was elevated to the status of cathedral, the primary see of the Diocese of Charleston, Oakland and the Mid-Atlantic.

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St. George Cathedral
P.O. Box 2044
Charleston, WV 25327
Phone: 304-346-0106
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The St. George Foundation is established to provide a perpetual funding source to enable St. George Orthodox Cathedral to fulfill its goals for Christian Outreach Programs related to religion, charity, youth, children, the elderly, and education as well as capital construction projects to St. George Orthodox Church or its Parish House.
Recent Activities of the Foundation
The St. George Foundation recently transferred to the St. George Cathedral a check in the amount of $18,210.  This represented 80% of all dividends and interest that was generated from the fund investment during 2008.  These funds were earmarked to support St. George Cathedral's Youth Programs, such as scholarships to the Antiochian Village, Athletic Programs, and Church School needs.

Since the St. George Foundation's inception in 2000, the fund has contributed $88,698 to St. George Cathedral.  Furthermore, an additional $11,782 has been transferred from "Donor Advised" fuunds to help supplement the needs of other programs, such as St. George Cathedral Choir.

The Foundation has been benefitted this past year by being remembered through the legacies of three of our departed parishioners.  May their memory be eternal.

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