It is necessary most of all for one who is fasting to curb anger, to accustom himself to meekness and condescension, to have a contrite heart, to repulse impure thoughts and desires, to examine his conscience, to put his mind to the test and to verify what good has been done by us in this or any other week, and which deficiency we have corrected in ourselves in the present week. This is true fasting.

St. John Chrysostom

The community of St. George began celebrating the Divine Liturgy in 1892, incorporated under St. Raphael of Brooklyn in 1905, and its first altar was consecrated by him in 1911. In 2006, the parish was elevated to the status of cathedral, the primary see of the Diocese of Charleston, Oakland and the Mid-Atlantic.

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St. George Cathedral
P.O. Box 2044
Charleston, WV 25327
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Cathedral iconostasis
Cathedral iconostasis
Cathedral iconostasis
For a full and detailed schedule of services, including feast days and exceptions to the weekly schedule below, see the full Cathedral calendar.

Weekday services are normally held in St. Raphael Chapel, located in the meeting room of the Conference Center.  Entrance is from the parking lot behind the church, through the door at the bottom of the stairs with the railway.  Once you enter the building, the chapel is located in the first open door on the right.  (If the service is already in progress, please enter through the last open door on the right.)
Schedule of Weekly Services
10:00am - Matins
Main church
11:00am - Divine Liturgy
Main church
7:00am - Morning Prayers
7:00am - Morning Prayers
7:00am - Morning Prayers
7:00am - Morning Prayers
7:00am - Morning Prayers
5:00pm - Great Vespers & Confessions
Main church
Eve of Feast
6:30pm - Evening Divine Liturgy

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